Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rest Area 51

In the third (second-to-last, I think) round of this five-page-screenplay-writing competition, we were given the following:

Genre:  Sci-Fi
Location:  A souvenir shop
Object:  A pony

The resulting five-page screenplay should be in the given genre, take place mostly at the given location, and in it somewhere should appear the given object. This is what we wrote:

And here, in case you're interested, is the judges' feedback:

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Anonymous said...

in the tradition of thousands of years... surprise is what life is all about... you know, those tornadoes just found on the surface of the sun at 300,000 mph vs earth's 300 mph tornadoes... (heard it on the news)

is it a surprise that life as violent as is the sun? (heard violence on the news tonight)

soooooooo, how to get surprise into humor? takes that GIANT LEAP into the world of truly being a little kid again...

haven't read your screenplay yet... but I bet it is full of fun (as your reviewer said)

WHAT WAS A SURPRISE WAS that really cool neon type light on your blog which could get to be a bit visually "unsurprising" in the past... so, you see, you have produced a SURPRISE ! (jump and shout!)-----

with love
miss you

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